The First International Conference on
Renewable energy Advanced Technologies and Applications

25-27 October, Research Unit for Renewable Energies in Saharan region, Adrar

About The Event

About iCREATA 2021

The aim of the conference is to promote an exchange of recent advances and developments among scientists, scholars, engineers and in the various areas of renewable energy technologies include solar photovoltaic and thermal systems, wind farm, hydroelectricity power, biomass, biofuels, geothermal systems, Hybrid energy, Energy Storage, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, etc. Please note that due to the current worsening situation of COVID-19, and the tighter restrictions on traveling, the ICREATA’21 conference will be conducted virtually online or by video conference. .

Call For Paper


online event , Research Unit for Renewable Energies in Saharan region, Adrar


Monday to Wednesday
25-27 October

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

Pr. Yassaa Noureddine

CEREFE, Algeria

Speaker 1

Pr. Belgacem HABA

Senior Fellow and Vice President, Xperi Corporation.

Speaker 2

Pr. Saad Mekhilef

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Speaker 1

Pr. Abdulaziz Atabani

Erciyes University, Turkey

Speaker 1

Pr. Nouar Tabet

University Of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Speaker 1

Pr. Chaouki Ghenai

University Of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Speaker 2

Pr. Gopalakrishnan Kumar

University of Stavnager, Norway


  • -Solar resource assessment and forecasting
    -Materials and solar cells characterization , modelling, simulation, manufacturing technology.
    -PV module design,modelling, module manufacturing processes, degradation, ageing and lifetime.
    -Design, simulation and realisation of PV systems components :DC-DC chopper,DC-AC inverters, power optimisers and Storage.
    -Power system and control
    -Design, Sizing and Installation of PV Systems.
    -Operation, Performance Assessments,monitoring and Maintenance of PV Systems.
  • -Computational Methods for Thermal Conversion ;
    -Thermal Solar Power Plants ;
    -Low Temperature and Solar Thermal Systems
    -solar dryer , sorption isotherm, shelf life prediction, phase change materia for heat storage.
    -CSP and Thermoelectric Energy
    -Solar Heating and Cooling
    -Steam generation
  • -Wind energy assessment
    -Wind Energy Generation Systems
    -Wind energy technologies
    -Offshore Technology
    -Wind farms
    -Wind turbine designs
    -Rotors & blades
    -Aerodynamics & Fluid Dynamics
  • -Waste and wastewater treatment
    -Waste reduction, recycling, and reuse
    -Bioenergy (Biomass, Biogas, Biofuels etc)
  • -Desalination and Advanced Water Treatment
    -Water management in arid zones
    -Solar water distillation
    -conventional and modern irrigation system
    -Solar pumping
  • -Geothermal energy
    -Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
    -Hybrid energy systems
    -Other renewable energy sources
  • -Storage technologies
    -Optimal sizing of storage systems
    -Thermal Energy Storage
    -Batteries and Super capacitors
    -Transformation of power grids to smart grids
    -Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration
    -Microgrid and active distribution network management
    -Renewable Energy Systems in Smart Cities
    -Energy Saving in building ;
  • -Energy system analysis & planning
    -Energy Savings
    -Energy Efficiency
    -Efficient Renewable Energy Management and multi-agent systems
    -Economic Cost Sustainable Development

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery


Research Unit for Renewable Energies in Saharan region, Adrar

Renewable Energy Research Unit in Saharan Area (URERMS), affiliated to the Reenewable Energy Development Center (CDER) is a research structure, created with Ministerial Order No. 76 of the 22nd May, 2004 at the EPST CDER. Scientific research and technological development works led in the URERMS are within the National Programme of Research in Renewable Energy, considered by public authorities as prioritary and leadership. The main mission of the Applied Scientific Research and Technological Development Unit. It is in charge of launching activities of reserach and experimentatio for the promotion and the development of renewable energy in Saharan regions



  • Pr Hafid Aourag
    Dr Amar Hadj Arab
    Dr Samir Mouhadjer
  • Pr Saad Mekhilef (international chair)
    Dr Ahmed Bouraiou (local chair)
    Dr Ziane Abderrezzaq (organization chair)
  • Babahadj Abdeljabar
    Tizaoui Mouloud
    Khelafi Mostefa
    Hadri Kamel
    Salem Fethya
    Rouabhia Abdelkrim
    Foulanine Meriama
    Menguellati Farouk
    Moulay Mohammed
    Tigani Cherif
  • Pr. Saad Mekhilef, University Of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Pr. Pierluigi Siano, Universita Di Salerno, Salerno, Italy
    Pr. Kamal Youcef Toumi, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology , United States of America
    Pr. Abdelkader Outzourhit, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco
    Pr. M Adel Sharaf, Sharaf Energy Systems, Inc. Fredericton, Nb, Canada
    Pr. Lyes Bennamoun, University Of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Pr. Ghenai Chaouki, University of Sharjah , United Arab Emirates
    Pr. Kumar Gopalakrishnan, University Of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway
    Pr. Nouar Tabet, University Of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
    Pr. Abdulaziz Atabani, Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Erciyes University, Turkey
    Pr. Angelique Leonard, Universite De Liege, Belgium
    Pr. Padmanaban Sanjeevikumar, Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Denmark
    Pr. Mohammed J.K. Bashir, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahmandisabled, Kajang, Malaysia
    Pr. Umashankar Subramaniam, Prince Sultan University,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia
    Pr. Fonbeyin Henry Abanda, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom
    Pr. Katarina Monkova, FMT TU Kosice with the seat in Presov, Slovakia
    Dr. Badre Bossoufi, Fsdm, Usmba, Fez, Morocco
    Dr. Saad Motahhir, Ensa, Usmba, Fez, Morocco
    Dr. Fatima Bencheikh, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
    Dr. Ahmed Rhif, International Centre For Innovation & Development (Icid), Tunisia
    Pr. Larbi Djilali, Universidad Autonoma Del Carmen, Mexico
    Pr. Mustapha Mabrouki, Universite Sultan Moulay Slimane Beni Mellal , Morocco
    Dr. Anthony THOMAS, MCF Ensi Poitiers , France
    Pr. Noureddine Yassaa, CEREFE , Algeria
    Pr. Amine Boudghene Stambouli, USTO , Algeria
    Dr. Amar Hadj Arab, CDER , Algeria
    Dr. Samir Mouhadjer, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Djilali Tassalit, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Djafer Djelloul, URAER , Algeia
    Pr. Djarfour Noureddine university of Adrar
    Dr. Abderrahmane Hamidat, CDER , Algeria
    Dr. Khaled Imessad, CDER , Algeria
    Pr. Abdelhamid Bounif, University of Ain Temouchent, Algeria
    Pr. Abdelkader Iddou, Univerity of Adrar
    Pr. Abdellatif Zerga, Pan African University
    Pr. Ali Benatiallah, Univerity of Adrar
    Pr. Bachir Imine USTO Oran
    Pr. Belkacem Draoui, University of Bechar
    Pr. Benabdallah Yagoubi , University of Mostaganem
    Pr. Boumediene Lasri, University Tahar Moulay of Saida
    Pr. Boumediene Touati, University of Bechar
    Pr. Brahim Dennai, University of Bechar
    Pr. Hassen Bouzgou, University of Batna 2 Mostefa Ben boulaid
    Pr. Lahouari Adjlout USTO Oran
    Pr. Messaoud Hamouda, University Of Adrar
    Pr. Mohamed Amrani, University of Sidi Belabbes , Algeria
    Pr. Mohamed Bouzit, USTO , Oran
    Pr. Mohammed Achite, University Of Hassiba Benbouali Chlef
    Pr. Rachid Khelfaoui, University of Bechar
    Dr. Abdelatif Rahmani, University of Ouargla
    Dr. Abdelaziz Rabehi, University of Tissemsilt
    Dr. Abdeldjaber Babahadj, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Abdelghani Chiboub Fellah, University Of Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen
    Dr. Abdeljalil Dahbi, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Abdelkader Chaker, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique Oran
    Dr. Abdelkader Hadidi, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Abdelkader Hamlat, University Of Amar Telidji Laghouat
    Dr. Abdelkader Harrouz, University Of Adrar
    Dr. Abdelkader Menad, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Abdellah kouzou , Unversity of Djelfa
    Dr. Abdelmalek Douara, University Of Tissemssilet
    Dr. Abderezzaq Ziane, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Abderrahmane Khelfaoui, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Abdesselam Megnounif, Universite Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen
    Dr. Achour Mansouri, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Aimad Ahriche, university of Boumerdes
    Dr. Ahmed Amine Larbi, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Ahmed Boulal, University Of Adrar
    Dr. Ahmed Bouraiou, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Ahmed Hazem, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Ahmed Hafaifa, University of Djelfa
    Dr. Ahmed Kettab, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique Alger
    Dr. Ahmed Mediani, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Ahmed Rahmani, University Of Oum El Bouaghi
    Dr. Ahmed Tahri, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Akil Loumani, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Amina Bekraoui, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Ammar Necaibia, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Amor Gama, URAER Ghardaia
    Dr. Arslane Hatem Kacha, University Of Djillali Liabes De Sidi Bel Abbes
    Dr. Azzedinne Tayebi, URERMS , Adrar
    Dr. Bachir Achour, University Of Biskra
    Dr. Bariza Zitouni, University Of Batna 1
    Dr. Bessedik Madani, University Of Tlemcen
    Dr. Boulouma Sabri, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Brahim Berbaoui, University Of Adrar
    Dr. Brahim Menacer, ESGEE Oran
    Dr. Cherifa BoukliHacene, University Of Tlemcen
    Dr. Djadjiga Boukhlef, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Djamel Hadded, University Of Batna 2
    Dr. Djamel Saba, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Farid Madjene, UDES Tipaza
    Dr. Fateh Ferroudji, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Fatiha Mokhtari, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Faycal Djeffal, University Of Batna 2
    Dr. Fouad Boukli Hacène, Ecole Supérieure En Sciences Appliquées De Tlemcen
    Dr. Fouad Menasria, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Halima Belarbi, University Centre Of Maghnia
    Dr. Hamza bennacer, University of M'sila
    Dr. Hanane Aburideh, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Hichame Hachemi, Cherchel Military Academy
    Dr. Hichem Ferhati, University Of Batna 2
    Dr. Hocine Belmili, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Hocine BenMoussa, University Of Batna 2
    Dr. Hocine Bensaha, URAER Ghardaia
    Dr. Houcine Moungar, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Issam Attoui, Urma/Crti
    Dr. Kada Bouchouicha, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Kamel Kaidi, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Khadidja Safer, USTO , Oran
    Dr. Khaled Touafek, URAER Ghardaia
    Dr. Khayra Roummani, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Lahouaria Boudaoud, University Of Adrar
    Dr. Leila Merabti, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Maamar Ouali, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Maamar Boumdien, University of Tlemcen
    Dr. Mabrouk Bellaoui, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Malika Allali, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. ‪Mawloud Guermoui Uraer Ghardaia
    Dr. Miloud Benmedjahed, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Mohamed Abbas, UDES , Tipaza
    Dr. Mohamed Bencherif USTO Oran
    Dr. Mohamed Blal, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Mohamed Meddi, Ecole Nationale Superieure D'hydraulique, Lgee, Blida
    Dr. Mohamed Sadok, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Mohamed Chokri Korti, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Mohamed El Amine Slimani, USTHB university
    Dr. Mohammed Boussaid, university of Adrar
    Dr. Mohamed Mustapha Belhadj, University Of Ouargla
    Dr. Mohamed Salah Bouakkaz, university of Skikda
    Dr. Mohammed Ayad, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Mohammed Benhammou, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Mohammed Djaafri, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Mohammed Habi, University Of Aboubekr Belkaid Tlemcen
    Dr. Mohammed Mostefaoui, Esi Sba
    Dr. Mohammed Yaichi, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Mohammed Issam Ziane, Esgee Oran
    Dr. Moussa Zerrouki, University Of Ouargla
    Dr. Mustapha Hatti, UDES Tipaza
    Dr. Nabil Kahoul, Annaba university
    Dr. Nadir Boutasseta, Urma/Crti
    Dr. Nadir Fergani, Urma/Crti
    Dr. Naima Khatir, University Of Naama
    Dr. Nadjem Bailek University of Tamanrasset
    Dr. Nordine Sahouane, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Ouassila Benhabiles, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Oussama Touaba , URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Oussama Zeggai, university of Chlef
    Dr. Rachid Dabou, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Rachid Maouedj, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Reski khelifi URAER Ghardaia
    Dr. Sadek Igoud, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Said Diaf, CDER , Algeria
    Dr. Said Slimani, University Of Adrar
    Dr. Sakher Elfahem, Adrar University
    Dr. Salah Lachtar, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Salah Necaibia, Annaba university
    Dr. Salim Makhloufi, University Ahmed Draya Adrar
    Dr. Samir Hassani, URAER Ghardaia
    Dr. Seyfellah Khelifi, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Sidi Mohammed Boudia, Cder Algeria
    Dr. Sidi Mohammed Elamine Bekkouche, URAER Ghardaia
    Dr. Slimane Laribi, University Of Adrar
    Dr. Tarek Ait Izem, Annaba university
    Dr. Touhami Ghaitaoui, University Of Adrar
    Dr. Wafa Braham Chaouch, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. yacine Maarif, University Of Ouargla
    Dr. Yacine Sahnoun , ENP d'Alger
    Dr. Yassine Demagh, University Of Batna 2
    Dr. Youcef Ahmed, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Youcef Bouhadda, URAER Ghardaia
    Dr. Youcef Sahli, URERMS Adrar
    Dr. Zahia Tigrine, UDES, Tipaza
    Dr. Zine Saadi, URERMS Adrar


Authors are requested to submit an extended abstract not exceeding two (2) pages in English. The extended abstract must include the title, author(s), affiliation, Email, main results, and discussion with references.

Extended Abstract Template

Submit here

All the submitted conference papers will be peer-reviewed by the program technical committees of the Conference. All accepted papers of the conference will be published in the printed conference proceedings with a valid International ISBN number that will be announced soon...

Selected papers will be considered for publication in:

Revue des Energies Renouvelables

Revue des Energies Renouvelables

ISSN: 1112-2242 EISSN: 2716-8247

Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Journal of Fundamental and Applied

ISSN: 1112-9867 EISSN: 2588-1914

Journal of Materials, Processes and Environment

Journal of Materials, Processes and Environment

ISSN: 2335-1020 EISSN: 2600-688X

Important Dates

Submission Deadline 30 March 2021 20 April 2021

Acceptance Notification 30 April 2021 20 Mai 2021

Camera ready Paper 30 Mai 2021 20 June 2021


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